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Our story

Already devotees and convinced that the best tasting beers were from small, independent and traditional breweries, we felt that there was a gap in the market forcing breweries to source their merch from individual suppliers. 

Cue Eoghan (the doughnut fiend and sour beer fan on the right, whose name is pronounced Ewan!). Having worked in 'traditional' print for 30 years, he was well aware of the effort involved in sourcing product to find the best quality for the best price. It is a time-consuming process and being able to outsource to one company can save you a lot of admin hours. 

Determined not to be left out of the fun stuff, Leigh (resident knitter on the left) brings a love of dark beer and 25 years' of administration and customer service experience to the team. She is quite likely to be spotted knitting over a quiet beer. Bonus points for a fireplace!


Our team

We are a small business supporting small business, which means you get a personalised service from people who are passionate about the industry. 

Meet the team who contribute to CraftyMerch's success!

Leanne and Mhari make up our creative team. 

Melanie (Mel) is our project manager who keeps us all on time.

Leigh handles most of our social media, looks after the bills and dabbles in sales, while Eoghan is our ideas guy who handles most of the sales. 

Together we are a small but mighty team with passion and experience and a desire to do the best we can for our customers.

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About Us

  • Quality: we are dedicated to quality to the highest standards - quality in products, quality in service, quality in our communications - and want to ensure every single customer enjoys their interaction with our business.
  • Collaboration: we are committed to establishing cooperative relationships that foster trust - both with our clients and with our suppliers.
  • Curiosity: as beer enthusiasts, we are constantly expanding our horizons and understanding of the market through frequent travels to beer festivals and beer-related events, as well as visits to established and up-and-coming breweries nationwide. 
  • Innovation: we endeavour to achieve continuous improvement and promote intelligent solutions for the craft beer market.
  • Environment: we continuously strive to incorporate as many sustainable practices and ways of thinking that help us minimise our environmental footprint.